Giulio Cesare

by George Frideric Handel

Sarah Connolly leads an all-star cast in Handel's operatic masterpiece.

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Sarah Connolly leads an all-star cast in David McVicar's production of Handel's operatic masterpiece Giulio Cesare. This beautifully designed production vividly brings to life the narrative twists and turns, scheming, desire and lust for power that characterise the original opera.

William Christie conducts the Orchestra of the Age of Enlightenment bringing every nuance and dramatic note of Handel's music to the fore.


Sung in Italian with English subtitles.


Musically, it’s phenomenal – beautifully conducted by William Christie  

The Guardian

David McVicar’s take on the tale of Julius Caesar’s dalliance with Cleopatra in Egypt brings out the comedy of the piece without sacrificing the poignancy of its moments of grief. 

Wall Street Journal

Watching Glyndebourne Festival Opera’s astonishing new production, it becomes blisteringly clear why it is regarded as the composer’s operatic masterpiece. Giulio Cesare is not so much a box of delights as an embarrassment of riches. 

New Statesman

The cast was amazingly strong, dramatically as well as musically. 

Daily Telegraph

Danielle de Niese gives a star performance as Cleopatra, revealing a multi-faceted character in a sequence of contrasting arias and demonstrating an unusual rapport with the stage and, indeed, the audience. 

The Observer

Sarah Connolly masters Caesar’s physicality and sings radiantly. Patricia Bardon is the dignified Cornelia, Christophe Dumaux a wonderfully waspish Tolomeo, while Sesto reveals Angelika Kirchschlager as a natural Handelian. 

Financial Times


Giulio Cesare was staged and recorded live at Glyndebourne in 2005 and is part of the Glyndebourne Collection.

Production photography © Mike Hoban

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