King Lear

by William Shakespeare

Directed by Michael Attenborough, award-winning actor Jonathan Pryce plays the title role in Shakespeare’s greatest tragedy.

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Nothing will come of nothing. 

Michael Attenborough brings Shakespeare's greatest tragedy to the intimacy of the Almeida stage.

When Lear asks each of his daughters to profess their love for him, he is flattered by the false hyperbole of Regan and Goneril. When his youngest daughter Cordelia confesses to love him simply as a daughter should, his pride is dented and he casts her out of his kingdom.

Too late to realise his mistake, and forced from power by his offspring, an increasingly impotent and frail Lear descends into madness.

Award-winning actor Jonathan Pryce plays the title role in a production that formed part of the World Shakespeare Festival in 2012.


Pryce gives a striking, individualistic performance. 


Attenborough’s staging has a beautiful, deceptive simplicity...Pryce on storming form. 

Independent on Sunday

Jonathan Pryce brings an impressive mix of tenderness, quivering insecurity and raw passion to his interpretation of one of Shakespeare’s most exacting roles. 

Evening Standard

Attenborough’s fine production is pacey, vital and beautifully spoken. 

Time Out

I place this Lear higher than Sir Ian McKellen’s celebrated rendition of a few years ago.  

Daily Mail

Spellbindingly illuminates Shakespeare’s great tragedy. 

Sunday Express

...Simply’s what you come to Lear to see. 

The Times


Captured at the Almeida Theatre, London, in November 2012.

Production photography © Keith Pattison.

Contains moderate violence.

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