by William Shakespeare

David Morrissey plays the murderous king in Gemma Bodinetz's Liverpool Everyman production of Shakespeare's most visceral and menacing play.

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What's done is done. 

Macbeth’s desire to gain power and keep it at all costs threatens to destroy a nation, replacing dignity and rules of law with guilt and paranoia.

One of the country's foremost actors, David Morrissey, returns to the Everyman in this striking new production from Artistic Director Gemma Bodinetz. He plays the murderous king opposite Julia Ford as Lady Macbeth, in Shakespeare's most visceral and menacing play.


What a return! Morrissey’s bearded Macbeth is gripping stuff and transfixing to watch.

No wonder the electrics are constantly on the fritz. It’s the business. The bloody business. 

Daily Express

If Morrissey’s Macbeth is intended to set the bar for the new Everyman, future generations of actors will need a pole if they are to get anywhere near vaulting over it. 

Liverpool Daily Post

At last, a production that does justice to Shakespeare’s darkest tragedy. 

Daily Express


Captured live at the Everyman Theatre, Liverpool in June 2011.

Production photography © Helen Warner.

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Customer Comments

Love this! Fantastic production and David Morrissey is brilliant!

Daniel Alicandro, UK

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