by Craig Adams and Ian Watson

Created and filmed by Perfect Pitch, LIFT is a witty and provocative musical exploring connections and relationships in city life.

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Perfect Pitch is a not-for-profit theatre company, supported by Arts Council England, dedicated to creating new British musicals. Established in 2006, they work in collaboration with venues, writers, producers and creatives all over the UK and beyond to create, develop, produce and license high quality new British musicals.

Created and filmed by Perfect Pitch at the Soho Theatre, London, in February 2013.


1 lift, 8 strangers, 54 seconds, a thousand possibilities…

Eight people get in a lift at Covent Garden tube station on an ordinary morning. They may be complete strangers, but in some way they are all connected and if they reached out to one another they might just change their lives forever. The journey of the lift takes just one minute - will they do something about it today or will they choose to carry on being anonymous, walking off into the rush and losing themselves once more in the city? LIFT is about people and connections. The connections we have without knowing about them, the connections we lose sight of and the connections we don’t mean to have.

Featuring Olivier Award-winning actor George Maguire.

Nominated for Best Original Score – Whatsonstage Awards 2014


Adams' witty and poignant score brings coherence amongst fragmented bursts of dialogue, each song an eruption of unsaid truth.

LIFT, funny and thought-provoking, urges us to emergency exit from a broken-down society before we miss our connection. 


Whatsonstage - Leone Richmond

LIFT is a well-conceived piece of adult musical theatre. It’s poignant, aware and uplifting, at the same time both clever and beautifully simple. 

The Edge

LIFT is one of the most exciting shows I have ever seen... Craig Adams' score has a fresh, unique sound and allows each performer to have their moment in the spotlight.

LIFT draws you in and leaves you with something to think about, all those times you're with strangers who you know nothing about. 

West End Frame

There are truly lovely and exciting moments when songs come together, particularly in the closing number ‘Coda’ which showcases vibrant songwriting that fills you with electricity. 

Huffington Post

LIFT is a lesson in all things that go unsaid, opportunities not taken and those split second assumptions we make about faces we might pass everyday on our way to work but never even smile at. 

Official London Theatre


Captured live by Perfect Pitch at the Soho Theatre, London, in February 2013.

Production photography @ Darren Bell

Contains strong language and explicit content.

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