Exclusive Interview with Richard Armitage

Hosted by Matt Wolf

DigitalTheatre.com presents an exclusive interview with actor Richard Armitage, filmed live on stage at The Old Vic.

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…the play makes me want to burn the flesh off my body… 

In an exclusive interview with theatre critic Matt Wolf, Richard Armitage discusses his performance as protagonist John Proctor in director Yaël Farber’s critically acclaimed production of Arthur Miller’s seminal play, The Crucible. Filmed live on stage at The Old Vic, this forms part of The Old Vic’s In Conversation series. The actor, who has appeared in The Hobbit trilogyCaptain America: The First Avenger and Into the Storm, shares his experience revisiting the discipline of theatre after 13 years working in film and television and explains why this particular production brought him back to the stage. 

From visiting Salem to deepen his understanding of the world of the play to the challenge of performing a three-hour play eight times a week, Richard offers a personal, behind-the-scenes perspective on performing one of the 20th century’s greatest plays in one of the world’s greatest theatres.

With particular reflection on The Crucible’s political resonance, Richard reads excerpts from the letters of individuals from around the world, who have chosen to share their own experiences of oppression.

Featuring exclusive clips from the full production, this unique interview invites audiences to explore the practice of one of the UK’s leading actors.

Captured live at The Old Vic, London, September 2014.

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