How to Watch

  • View Purchases and Rentals directly through the website

    Watch productions online

    Watch productions online

    Watch all of your productions streamed instantly to your browser with no need to download.

    Start watching straight away with no need to install additional software or players.

    Stream productions to your desktop or other connected internet device including TVs and tablets.

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  • Download productions to your desktop and watch offline

    Desktop Player

    Digital Theatre Desktop Player

    Download Digital Theatre productions to keep on your laptop or desktop.

    View your production and Online Rentals while connected to the internet.

    Productions can also be downloaded to watch while offline.

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  • Stream productions to your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch

    iPad App

    App for Apple iOS

    Stream Digital Theatre productions to your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch when you're online.

    Access your library of productions, watch trailers and get your daily dose of inspiration from The Journal.

    Play productions on your HDTV at the touch of a button with AirPlay and Apple TV.

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  • View productions with our App for Samsung Smart TV

    Samsung Smart TV App

    Samsung Smart TV App

    Enjoy Digital Theatre productions streamed direct to your living room.

    Watch productions instantly in high definition on your Samsung Smart TV.

    Purchase a Download or HD Download and redeem on your Samsung Smart TV for free.

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